About Us

POONA FORGE is one of the first and foremost forging company established in Pune; making forged components for Automotive, Engineering and Agricultural industry.

PFPL aims to provide wide range of quality, made to print components and assemblies to end-users.

We are producing the components and assemblies since 1980 for major OEMs. We have achieved the status of single source supplier for many parts by providing high quality, competitive price, on-time delivery and prompt response.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is backed by extensive experience in the field and motivated team of professionals.

We have excellent closed die & upset forging manufacturing facility equipped within in house tool room, heat treatment, test lab etc. Also, have the CNC machining centers as well as conventional machines to supply duly machined forgings & assemblies.

At a Glance




Area 1200 Sq. meters

Office 150 Sq. meters

Manufacturing 600 Sq. meters


70 Nos.

Quality Certification

ISO 9002 : (1994 standard)

IEC No. :  3193006238 by DGFT Pune.

Forging Weight Capability

200 gm. -> 5 kg.


Component Overview

Engine-Connecting Rods, Extension Shaft, Rocker Arm Levers

Transmission- Gears, Coupling Flanges, Control Lever, Clutch Bushes, Shifter Sleeves, Interlock Piece, Idler Shaft. Pitman Arm, Axles, Drive shafts.

Chassis-Links, Mounting Brackets, Kick Starters, Clamps 

Other-Clevis, Nozzle Holder, Driven Dogs, Tynes, Brackets, Coupling, Grinding Media Balls, Ornamental Forgings.